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Landline in season: 13 / 462-72-04


Mobile phone:

509-621-200 - Patryk

502-207-623 - Patryk



49*36.913' N 22*16.619' E


Since April 2012 we would like to invite You to our new EU standard campsite, suitable for Campers, Camping Trailers and all other camping lovers. The center offers 24 boxes for Campers and Camping Trailers and 30 tent sites.




Recreational Center „Diabla Góra” lies in the heart of the Słonne Mountains Landscape Park, in a small place called Tyrawa Solna, which is “The Northern Gateway of the Bieszczady Mountains.” It is located along the river San and stream Tyrawka, right on the slope of the Devil’s Mountain (354 m.a.s.l.). To add more beauty to this picture, one must not forget to mention that the center stands on one of the most famous routs in Europe of Subcarpathian Orthodox Churches and Icons. Additionally, 2,5 km from the center there are 54 hectars of lakes, which make the region every fisherman's heaven. Recreational Center "Diabla Góra" has in its offer rooms for 3-4 people with bathrooms (30m2), houses for 6-8 people (70m2) and houses for 8-10 people (90m2).


There is also a big playground on the premises, and in summer, two big, safe and comfortable swimming pools for younger visitors who can be entrusted with a registered carer. We offer You canoes (for 2-4 people) and pontoons (for 3-4 people) for rental, thanks to which You can experience a wonderful adventure water rafting down the river San. There is also the possibility of renting bikes for every age group (over 30 bikes available).

For those who live for the adrenaline rush we have something special in our offer. We have for rental off-road vehicles such as Suzuki Samurais (16 cars), Toyota Land Cruisers (6 cars), Nissan Patrols (4 cars) and if booked in advance ATVs (third-party service). We also organise many different off-road vehicle excursions with different levels of difficulty , taking the advantage of the local terrain. Each excursion takes about 4–7 hours. It depends on the path chosen by the clients - 6 sightseeing paths to choose from.

We are also eager to organise rallies, courses, feasts, weddings, holy communions, baptisms and so on. Hosting of special events for up to 120 people with the option of a dance floor. We offer breakfasts and dinners. The meals are served in form of a buffet. This service is available to order.


Also on offer:

  1. 3 outdoor feast locations for groups of up to 30 people each, which are located: 
  • The first one, on the premises,
  • The second one, on the peak of the Devil's Mountain about 200m from the recreational central
  • The third one is portable so it can be set up in every place previously accepted by the organizer and the land owner.

The diversity and colorfulness of our offer is nearly unlimited and constantly widen so that our guests receive the best. In the near future we plan to organise Jeep and ATV excursions to Ukraine and Romania, to the Dracula’s Castle, through a very attractive Carpathian path. (third-party service).


We invite You to take advantage of our rich offer and wish You a pleasant stay with us.






PATRYK: 502-207-623 / PL, GB

IZABELLA: 606-997-733 / PL

PATRYK: 509-621-200 / GB

DOMINIKA: 600-237-900 / PL, GB

ANIA: 782-838-041










Tyrawa Solna 121 | 38-500 | Sanok

Woj. Podkarpackie


GPS: 49*36.500' N 22*16.35' E 



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